Refresher training in Gicumbi and Rubavu: An open space to learn and to unwind

8 april 2016

On the calm and peaceful shore of lac Muhazi in Gicumbi, sociotherapists from the surrounding areas gathered to get refresher ...

Sociotherapy: A medicine for the body and the soul

23 maart 2016


A ray of sunshine had brightened Murambi, after the horror of what happened there in 1994 genocide against ...

Our new path: Celebrating the triumphs of the sociotherapy in Rulindo during a conviviality meeting

1 maart 2016

Sociotherapy is like a mirror, in which we see parts of us that we couldn’t have seen ...

Walk with me: Conviviality meeting and experience sharing in Muhanga District

26 februari 2016

People who were a problem in our community before have now become the solution to the problems of others

A prisoner’s journey towards repentance

19 februari 2016

One year ago sociotherapy was introduced in Muhanga prison. To this date (November 2015) more than 160 inmates have already attended sociotherapy ...

Follow-up training in Muhanga Prison

22 juni 2015

Since the 15th of January 2015, four sociotherapy groups are running in Muhanga prison. These socio-groups are being facilitated ...

Travelling through the landscape of post-Gacaca Rwanda

18 maart 2015

On the 23rd February 2015, a one day national conference on sociotherapy was held at Kigali, in Umubano Hotel. With more ...

From prisoner to sociotherapist: Sociotherapy in Rwandan prisons

12 februari 2015

Since 1995, Prison Fellowship Rwanda has been implementing programs in Rwandan prisons. The organization used the restorative justice approach in creating ...

National Conference on Community Based Sociotherapy in Rwanda

30 januari 2015

CBSP organizes February 23, a national conference on sociotherapy with the theme travelling through the landscape of post-gacaca Rwanda.

DIR-update on CBSP conviviality meetings ending the second round of socio-sessions

25 januari 2015

An article of Theophile Sewimfura, Duhumurizanye Iwacu Rwanda with a focus on the CBSP-conviviality meeting in Gitoki sector, Gatsibo district, ...

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