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After fifteen weeks of sociotherapy

What happens after a sociotherapy group has finished its fifteen weekly socio-sessions? This question is often posed to the staff of the Community Based Sociotherapy (CBS). This page provides an insight into some of the activities that groups undertake after passing through sociotherapy.

Many groups decide to continue to meet after they have finished sociotherapy. Some groups organize group discussions, while others engage in income generating activities. 68.4% of the socio-groups that started between March 2014 and June 2016 continues to meet either on a weekly or a bi-weekly basis. 57% of all the groups have started a joint cooperative or saving association (N=1294).


The cooperatives and saving associations indicate that sociotherapists and participants at grassroots level gradually take responsibility and ownership over the sociotherapy activities and outcomes. It is CBS’s belief that this level of ownership and the level of mutual trust that has been built in the group make the socio-economic development more sustainable. In addition, there is a spin-off to the wider community. In numerous cases, community members join the socio-economic initiatives of the socio-groups.



From healing to socio-economic development