Savings and Credit Cooperation


Name:      Mvura Nkuvure                             

When:      Started in 2014

Where:     Gatsibo district                                 



“After sociotherapy, we committed ourselves to not losing the value of sociotherapy. We decided to continue to meet, even if there would no longer be a sociotherapist to lead us.” The thirteen women of Mvura Nkuvure (“I heal you, you heal me”) sit together and talk about sociotherapy. Some of them are wearing beautiful Kitenge; they have bought these fabrics with money from their communal savings.


It has been almost one and a half year ago (mid-2014) that the members of Mvura Nkuvure finished their fifteen weeks of sociotherapy and founded their Savings and Credit Cooperative. By starting this cooperative, the group tried to uphold the unity that was created among its members by sociotherapy. The group, which consists of genocide survivors, prisoners’ partners or relatives, and people that are to pay reparation money, came a long way. Sociotherapy helped them to ask forgiveness, and to understand why they had to pay money for  things they themselves did not destroy. The sociotherapy sessions contributed to breaking down the mental barriers that existed between the members, and restored the social cohesion among them. The members mention in addition that one the most satisfying effects of sociotherapy is that they can see their children playing together without feeling any remorse at all.


The women meet every Friday to discuss the problems they face in their daily lives. They value these two hours they spend talking to each other a lot; it helps them to move forward with their lives. In addition, every member contributes 100 RwF during each meeting. In October 2015, the group came up with the idea to save the money until they could buy Kitenge for every member. It took them eighteen weeks to achieve this goal. Recently they have set a new target, which is buying a goat for every member. That in time will improve the members’ economic situation.