Name:      Abatanyuranya                                

Where:     Karongi district                                 

When:      Started in September 2015                  



Abatanyuranya (“People with a common goal”) is run by nine ex-prisoners and six genocide survivors, who have all partici

pated in sociotherapy. Unfortunately, four members of the group have passed away since the group finished sociotherapy in September 2015.


Four of the ex-prisoners plundered and damaged properties of three of the genocide survivors who attended the same sociotherapy group. Sociotherapists recruited them into sociotherapy after they had been informed by the village leaders that the persons were neighbors, but lived as enemies. During the sociotherapy sessions, one of the ex-prisoners apologized for his wrongdoings. The survivor in question forgave him and absolved him of 179.000 RwF reparation debt.


The group members wanted to uphold and invigorate the process of reconciliation between them that sociotherapy had put in motion. Also, they wanted to work together in order to get some income. All of them being farmers, they bought a piece of land together. They dig this field twice a week. Abatany members take turns in deciding what they will cultivate. Every two weeks the group members contribute 2000 RwF to a savings account. They plan to buy goats with this money, so that they can increase their revenue.


The community was very inspired by the sociotherapy group. Genocide survivors in the community absolved ex-prisoners of 5.000.000 RwF out of 10.000.000 RwF. Simultaneously, ex-prisoners willingly started to pay reparation money to survivors. Noticing how Abatanyuranya’s members have changed, many community members are also motivated to join the cooperative.