Refresher training in Gicumbi and Rubavu: An open space to learn and to unwind

8 april 2016

On the calm and peaceful shore of lac Muhazi in Gicumbi, sociotherapists from the surrounding areas gathered to get refresher training on the principles and guidelines of their work. Guided by CBSP team, they are reminded what their work as volunteers consist of. Step by step they go through all the principles and phases of sociotherapy, and re-enact the socio groups they conduct and little by little they unveil the challenges and together they come up with solutions.

The refresher trainings are not a simple or sudden process, it takes time and that is why for five consecutive days, a group of 14 people trained by 2 trainers from CBSP come together and re-learn sociotherapy. This will help for the upcoming round; it will provide the needed knowledge and will serve as a recall. During that period sociotherapists will learn a lot from other sociotherapists from their experiences. These people are doing a wonderful work in their communities 

The wellbeing of the sociotherapists is well care for as they have gone through a lot during the 15 weeks of socio groups “the sessions we go through with participants take a toll on us, since we come from the same communities it is obvious that we share the same problems and history so to us these trainings are there to refresh our skills but also to soother our souls.” Sociotherapist from Gicumbi



refresher training in Gicumbi





Friday the 1st of April this year, was the last day of the refresher training in Rubavu district and a clear improvement for the sociotherapists and their trainers. For five days 14 sociotherapists from 11 sectors of  Rubavu district and their trainers were gathered together in the secluded but picturesque Kigufi to reflect and refresh their knowledge of sociotherapy.

In the last days individuals come to form a strong group, the clumsiness in the first attempt of relationship wearing off and leaving space for strong relations. Every day their bond grew, either over shared meals or shared experiences and testimonies.

Among other things the refresher trainings prepare the sociotherapists for the following round of sociotherapy but it is also a way for them to relax and recover after 15 weeks of the previous round of sociotherapy; 15 tenuous days that will test their courage and patient; Fifteen days of guiding their socio groups through the steps of sociotherapy and helping each of the participants to become a better person.``We have learnt a lot during these days, and with the precious ideas and opinions from my colleagues I know that I will be able to help my socio group for the next coming weeks`` Sociotherapist from Rubavu