Conviviality meeting in Cyeza

25 mei 2016

At the beginning of this month, Cyeza sector in Muhanga District was ready to present its graduates after fifteen weeks of sociotherapy. Led by their sociotherapists, participants were a sight to behold; nice clothes, sophisticated hairstyles and nice shoes; everyone was at their best, which they were entitled to. These women and men, old and young, had been at their worst, but they managed to conquer their fears and obstacles on their roads ahead. Something they managed to do when they started trusting each other and working hand in hand to ameliorate their daily life.


 “These clothes, they were relegated in the depths of our trunks, because we had nowhere to go and we didn’t feel the need to make ourselves presentable.” (Sociotherapy graduate)


The Executive Secretary present that day was proud and in an elated speech he praised sociotherapy and its participants. He vowed that, even though he has a very busy schedule, he will be very delighted to participate in all the activities of sociotherapy in his sector.



The meeting was a joyful event with a lot of songs and a very an inspiring and touching poem. To an outsider it looked like a wedding was taking place. Some people from around the area asked me about that when I stepped outside to take some pictures.  


As some testified, their lives since joining sociotherapy had become vibrant, no longer the boring ones they have been living so far; a life in which they did or did not perform their daily tasks, and if they did they did not so because they enjoyed it.  They now have a purpose in life because they started loving themselves and others.

People in conflict have managed to resolve them, the example of two ladies whom have not been speaking for a longtime; one supposedly poisoned the son of the other. Both come from a same community and therefore bound to meet at some point and luckily they were both recruited and given the opportunity to settle their problems.


“We were living in a life full of fears and insecurities. Now with the help of everyone in this group our life has become easier. People trust each other and we all work together as a big family .”(Sociotherapy graduate)


Read here how some of the graduates decided to let go the grudge and anger they have hold on for a very long time because they did understand and acknowledge that it will only serve to hold them down.