Story of the week: Community Based sociotherapy gets a certificate of merit in Karongi district

6 juni 2016

On the 27th May, 2016 around 3pm, Community Based Sociotherapy program was awarded a certificate of merit, as one of best partners/ organizations in Karongi district that has brought a significant change in people’s lives and contributed regularly to the progress of the District Joint Action Development Forums (JADF) in Karongi.



This was during a two day exhibition of all district partners including the private sector and NGOs implementing in the above mentioned district.


As a member of JADF Karongi, Community Based sociotherapy was recognized for its contribution to the Rwandan society wellbeing through groups that give space to many to discover their wounds, a space for personal healing and reconciliation.

In her speech during the ceremony of awards, the vice mayor in charge of social affairs said: “ we cannot mention and talk about each and every partner. We are here as government institutions, private sectors and NGOs (national and international), to share our experiences from what we do in the district. Thus, though we have different approaches, we have one and common target which is and must be the development and wellbeing of our people”.


Normally, the main objectives of the JADF open day are:


  • To build a partnership based on complementarity  and trust among all partners and thus  insure sustainability of action


  • To share experiences and outcomes with people and partners


  • To allow network among partners and avoid duplication of activities in the district.


Community Based sociotherapy has became a Karongi JADF member since January 2015 when activities of implementation started in the district operating in 8 sectors namely Murundi, Gashali, Murambi, Gitesi, Bwishyura, Rwankuba, Mubuga and Gishyita.


So far, around 1, 352 participants from above mentioned sectors have gone through sociotherapy groups, have graduated and today they are forming small development associations.

Remember that community Based sociotherapy, being implemented in eight district of Rwanda,  is initiated to improve psychosocial well-being and strengthen interpersonal reconciliation and social cohesion at the grass-roots level in Rwanda.


Sociotherapy uses the group as a therapeutic medium in the establishment of trust, the creation of an open environment for discussion and the formation of peer-support.


Written by Nicolas Habarugira