Group sessions: Healing through sharing

28 juni 2016

When people have the same thinking and above all wish each other well, there is nothing they won’t achieve.” Sociotherapy participant (Busasamana Group)


Sometimes you need a life experience to understand reconciliation in all its contexts, to acknowledge that how we communicate makes all the difference. Mr. Justin P and his colleague Mrs. MJ Maher paid a visit to two of the sociotherapy group operating in Rubavu District in Cyanzarwe and Busasamana sector.


 The guests more in tune with the group therapy as they are both psychotherapists were amazed by the trust that could be felt and seen in the group. When they asked why group members are very open about their problems and their emotions, a participant responded: “knowing that what you talked about will not leave this circle is a good motivation to open you heart and say whatever burdens you because you know that you are cared for.” To which another one added:” having people willing to listen to you and help you find a solution for your problems as well as going far as supporting your decisions, is the best medicine even doctors will not be able to give you.”


                    Group session in Cyanzarwe Sector


What makes special the sociotherapy groups is the openness of the participants and their willingness to listen to their fellow member problems, and how they put themselves in the same situation and come up with suggestions among which the participant will choose one that they find appropriate, this is done in a way that those given suggestions don’t feel pressured into taking a decision. For the next session he/she will tell them if she has decided to change her/his attitude towards the problem or not.


The trust is not easily acquired in the first days but with two perseverant sociotherapists acting as facilitators the group slowly become a big family and a sanctuary for its members. The trust is never broken because an individual problem become the group problem therefore they work together not against each other.  


Another fact considered unusual by one of the guest is the high number of men in the group almost eclipsing the women. Known as rarely displaying their emotion it is very unlike to fine them in therapy but for the male members they believe that if the society need women to function well it also need their partners support them, which they can’t do if they are not on the same emotional plan.


                    Group picture with Busasamana socio group


At the end of the visit they were no mistaking the good

impression made by the group to their visitors. The positive reaction of the participants on the interventions and compliment by the two psychotherapists “knowing that they find Mvura Nkuvure(sociotherapy) amazing and helpful gives us hope that one day everyone in our community will completely heal.” Sociotherapy participant


We are each other doctors, we don’t need to go far to find a medicine, all we have to do is to talk to someone in the group” sociotherapy participant(Cyanzarwe group)