Sociotherapists Visit to Bisesero Genocide memorial site

8 juli 2016

A week ago sociotherapists from Karongi sector visited one of the most renowned memorials of our country. The purpose of the visit was to better understand our country history which led to the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis and the wounds which resulted from that in that history and get knowledge which will help them to facilitate sociotherapy participants in their healing process. Their initiative was supported by CBSP.


Bisesero memorial site is a standing testimony and the last resting place of over 50.000 bodies of people who took it upon themselves to fight their killers with an incontestable bravery. According to the guide, they were forced to fight after being abandoned by the French army serving under the former MINUAR (Mission des Nations unies pour l'assistance au Rwanda) who had promised their protection. Those Tutsis were the last to die en masse and in the cruelest way as all killers from all around the country were called upon to help do the job as it was designated by the time. 



This visit to the Genocide memorial site was a way for sociotherapists to put the painful past behind them, as most of them originate from the area and the neighboring hills.  In their everyday lives they face problems, added to that once a week they have to act like facilitators in their sociotherapy groups, listening to everyone’s problem. In that context the visit was also a way for many of them to rewind and to remind themselves why they do their work as sociotherapist, why it is important for people to resolve their family conflicts or any other conflict in their midst and, even more, why they need to help their group participants to get over their past in order to move on and remember the good times.



During the visit, sociotherapists suggested to have a book written on Bisesero history, starting from the beginning. The book will be a recording of all major events in Bisesero history up to the end of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. The visitors made a donation of 60.000 RwF to the site.