National closing ceremony

21 december 2016

Yesterday was a bittersweet moment for the Community Based Sociotherapy Program. The CBSP Cconsortium invited all 500+ sociotherapists to Kigali to acknowledge the wonderful and difficult work they have done over the past three years.


Together, the sociotherapists have reached 23.000 people by facilitating weekly sociotherapy group sessions. The 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi led to strong feelings of mistrust, fear and anger among many people in the communities. The safe spaces created in the sociotherapy groups gave participants the opportunity to (re-)connect with their neighbours, resolve family conflicts and get out of social isolation. It created a strong foundation to effectively deal with the trauma that was caused by the genocide-related experiences many of them went through.


Though this current program is coming to an end, a large number of sociotherapists is committed to continue facilitating socio-groups in their communities. They have even started inviting participants to their new groups. This devotion of the sociotherapists is an inspiration for all of us. Many of them went through traumatic experiences themselves, but they are dedicated to continue building peace in their communities.


Our sincere thanks goes out to the Embassy of the Netherlands in Rwanda for both the financial and moral support they have given to the program since 2013.