Contract signed at Dutch Embassy

7 oktober 2013

On 7 October 2013 Ambassador Leoni Cuelenaere and Mr Deo Gashagaza from the Rwandese organization Prison Fellowship Rwanda signed a contribution agreement for the reconciliation program 'Community Based Sociotherapy Program I post Gacaca Rwanda'.

The program will provide psychological counselling fora in eight districts - two in each of the four provinces of Rwanda. This program contributes to transitional justice in post-Gacaca Rwanda.

Three Rwandese non governmental organizations, assisted by Dutch expertise. The proposed socio-therapy program in Rwanda was introduced by a Dutch socio-therapist with long yearly expertise in working with traumatized refugees in a clinical psychiatric setting in the Netherlands. Key to the methodology is the use of “the community as doctor” whereby relevant social factors that affect the course of a patient’s life are used in a therapeutic way.

The so-called “therapeutic community” has in the case of post-genocide Rwanda been transformed from a clinic based socio-therapy, into a community-based socio-therapeutic approach that will effectively meet the needs of as many people as possible.

Article from Facebook Embassy of the Netherlands