National Conference on Community Based Sociotherapy in Rwanda

30 januari 2015

CBSP organizes February 23, a national conference on sociotherapy with the theme travelling through the landscape of post-gacaca Rwanda.


The conference will take place on Monday 23 February 2015, from  9.00 - 16.30 hrs., in Umubano (Novotel) Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda.


In January 2014 CBSP started to implement sociotherapy in 8 districts of Rwanda (two districts in each of the provinces of Rwanda). So far 532 community members have been trained to work as a sociotherapist and over 7000 participants have either completed the sociotherapy round of 15 sessions or are currently participating in sociotherapy groups.


This national conference will give CBSP the opportunity to present the first year results of its endeavours to various partners and stakeholders at the national level. The conference aims at creating awareness about the sociotherapy intervention as an effective approach that can lead to the improvement of mental wellbeing among community members and that at the same time can enable restorative justice processes to take place at the grassroots level. Besides raising awareness about the intervention, the objective of this conference is to link with, and learn from, other organizations working for similar goals in order to fine-tune the sociotherapy approach.


Themes addressed during the conference will include the background of sociotherapy in Rwanda, the methodology and practice of sociotherapy, its preliminary outcomes in a diversity of communities, the challenges in the post-gacaca era that hinder socio-economic development at grassroots level, the way sociotherapy addresses these challenges, and the potential of sociotherapy in prison. Presentations on the theory and practice of sociotherapy will be complemented by narratives of the experiences of people at grassroots level who participated in sociotherapy.


Find out more about the content of the conference here. <link opens PDF-document of 09feb2015>


N.B. The conference is for invitees only, but if you are interested to participate please send an e-mail to and we will inform you whether there will be a possibility to attend.