Five day training for CBSP staff

24 juli 2014

A reportage of Lucie NZARAMBA, Field Coordinator/CBSP western Province, about a stafftraining held from 14-18 July 2014 at Muhazi Beach Resort.


To build the capacity of the CBSP team members and to empower future sociotherapy trainers, CBSP organized a five days training on different topics relevant in the context of sociotherapy.

The topics were defined by using a participatory approach. The field teams conducted an assessment about the main issues sociotherapists encounter during the socio-sessions and which are difficult for them to deal with.

The training took place at Muhazi Beach Resort from 14th -18th of July 2014. 

For this training three external experts were invited: Marianne Vysma (Psychoanalyst); Theoneste Rutayisire (PhD. Candidate University of Amsterdam) and Anastase Balinda (Director of Access to Justice Program, MINIJUST). In addition, the aim was also to build on the expertise within the CBSP team, therefore staff members with experience in relevant domains were also asked to share their knowledge and to train their colleagues.


During this five days training, staff has been trained on: gender and GBV; trauma management, facilitation skills and active listening; wounded healer; intergenerational issues, post-Gacaca issues and; intervision.


Gender and GBV

Issues related to gender dynamics are increasingly observed in socio-sessions and sociotherapists face challenges in addressing them. The module on gender and GBV was developed to equip staff with basic knowledge on gender concepts and gender mainstreaming and to help them recognize potential consequences of gender imbalance and ways to address gender related issues in the group.


Lucie NZARAMBA, The field coordinator of CBSP in western province facilitating in a training of CBSP staff on gender and GBV


Trauma Management

CBSP’s main objective is providing psychosocial support to people suffering from trauma caused by the war and genocide. The training on trauma facilitated the staff to assess different causes of trauma, to help them understand different symptoms of trauma and trauma crisis and to discuss emotions, stress and trauma management in the sociotherapy context. Central themes were the connection between the inner and the outer world and the containment of emotions.


Facilitation skills and active listening

The core of sociotherapy is the facilitation of a group session. The training on this topic aimed to develop and improve the facilitation skills of the staff so that they will able to empower sociotherapists and give constructive feedback as their facilitation skills are essential in the process of achieving desired results from the sociotherapy group.


Wounded healer

The training on the concept of the ‘wounded healer’, aimed at making staff aware that even if sociotherapists are wounded themselves, they are able to assist their fellow community members in their process. It was concluded that someone’s past experiences can enhance the therapeutic process.


Intergenerational issues

The module on intergenerational issues was integrated to make staff better understand how the painful experiences of one generation can affect the following generations. The staff discussed on how to sensitize sociotherapists about the fact that emotional struggles parents are dealing with may affect their children, even if their children were not yet born during genocide.


Post-Gacaca issues

As CBSP is working in the post-Gacaca context, a module on the leftovers of Gacaca and transitional justice was developed. This topic helped the staff to gain knowledge on the process of moving from a society of conflict to a society of peace and it increased their knowledge on how to deal effectively with Gacaca issues that arise in sociotherapy sessions.



Intervision is a new approach in sociotherapy through which sociotherapists are helping and empowering each other. This enables them to improve their performance in facilitating socio-sessions.


Staff enjoyed Muhazi Beach resort. They were in group discussions sharing ideas on training related topics


The training has been very fruitful and inspiring to the staff. Especially the discussions led to relevant outcomes and gave new insights on how to support the sociotherapists at grassroots level effectively.

Apart from the trainings there was also time for entertainment and enjoyment with colleagues.




Field Coordinator/CBSP western Province