Travelling through the landscape of post-Gacaca Rwanda

18 maart 2015

On the 23rd February 2015, a one day national conference on sociotherapy was held at Kigali, in Umubano Hotel. With more than one hundred and twenty participants, including national and international speakers, speeches and presentations were alternatively delivered followed by questions, discussion and interactions by both participants and speakers.


In this conference, different themes were developed about sociotherapy in the context of Rwanda, its impact on Rwandan society and the achievements.

The central message from many of speakers was that Sociotherapy is helping to build justice and build reconciliation and it is recommended for every part of the country, they said.


This conference was a source of inspiration to many and it ended with some recommendations from participants and speakers and most of them were focusing on the need to scale it up in other districts, to conduct researches on the impact of sociotherapy, to think about intervention on vicarious trauma and increase the visibility of the program.


Detailed information including the full report of the conference can be found in the web file National Conference CBSP of this site.


It is also important to note that the conference was covered by the media including the Rwanda television and radio at